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TOP SELLER. Our Halo i5 Digital Hearing Aids are small yet powerful and include Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to your smartphone – allowing you to adjust in-ear settings like volume and channels without ever removing the hearing aids. Every Bridge Digital Hearing Aid comes with both left and right micro tubes, making them easily interchangeable between left and right ears.

HALO i5 Highlights

✔️ Control Your Wireless Sigma Hearing Aids From Your Smartphone With the HALO Mobile App!

✔️ Take a Hearing Test Directly On Your HALO Mobile App And Your Hearing Aids Will Adjust To Your Test Results in 1 Click!

✔️ Nearly Invisible, Extremely Discreet (fits even if you have glasses)

✔️ Noise Reduction Technology

✔️ Extremely Easy To Use

✔️ Directional Microphone Technology (Enhances Sound Quality)

✔️ Incredible Pricing (80% Less Than Traditional Hearing Aids)

✔️ 45-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

✔️ FDA registered facility

There are different levels to customize your hearing experience for the setting. Please test various modes and you’ll get used to the settings.

Level 1 - best in a quiet environment (like at home) for calm conversation

Level 2 - best in noisy places (like a restaurant) for conversation with people near you

Level 3 - best for a moderately loud environment (like driving on the highway) for basic noise reduction

Level 4 - best for a very noisy, loud place for maximum noise reduction

HALO customers tell us it’s pretty easy to keep the hearing aid operating at it’s peak, just like new. Just some simple cleaning can keep things humming along.

Give your device a simple wipe down to clear out and debris

Clean the HALO tubes occasionally (once per month or so). Remove the earbud and insert the thin end of the cleaning brush into the tube to remove any soil or debris from the tube. Note: for optimum performance, replace the tube and earbud every three to six months. 

Give the microphone a cleaning by brushing it to remove any lint or particles from the openings.

Based on 132 reviews
June C.
Verified Buyer
Clear as day
This is my first hearing aid and it's been a total game changer! I knew I had terrible hearing but I never did anything about it until my son finally forced me to get help. The sound quality is clear. My hearing aids do require consistent cleaning (daily is recommended). I was skeptical on if this was truly needed for me but after my first few cleanings, I could see how much wax builds up and have now made this an on-going routine. Being able to truly hear has shown me how many things I've been missing.I'm already getting used to my full hearing and love that I no longer feel strained to keep up with the conversations around me.
Montana H.
Verified Buyer
Does what it says...I can hear way better
I purchased the Halo I-5 in August and have been wearing them for about six weeks. I have never worn or used a hearing aid before. It took me about seven to ten days to get completely used to having them on. Now, I do not think about them at all and take my hearing for granted. I can hear in all environments, i.e., one-to-one conversations, talking on the phone, in crowds, and watching TV. I have recommended them to a friend who was impressed with the difference they have made for me. To the Halo team: Job well done.
Lewis N.
Verified Buyer
Great product!
What can I say other then, they work great. Had another hearing aid I paid $940.00 for a single aid and the pair I purchased Halo and they work just as good if not better. Plus you don’t have to have the app and bluetooth if you don’t want b/c that makes things very complicated and sometimes annoying.
Elora L.
Verified Buyer
Really good customer care
These are well worth the money!! The company was amazing when one of them didnt work. They sent me a whole new pair no questions asked.
Jamie A.
Verified Buyer
Better than the pari thru VA
These hearing aids are superior in EVERY way to the 3500 dollar pair that the.V.A provided! I have a moderate hearing loss as the result of my military service. The bass boost on the moderate setting works great for my type of hearing loss! Very little if any background noise! They even work very well in chaotic environments easy to hear the conversation you are having even in crowds and out at restaurants.
Brad Y.
Verified Buyer
Make a difference
They seem well designed and come with a handy case that can recharge them several times. Included is all the stuff you need to get started, things to clean the unit and maintain it, so good thought process there. The units themselves are very small and unobtrusive, fitting snugly behind the ears, Took a few tries to get therapies to fir but I expected that. In use the controls are simple, perhaps too simple compare with other units I've seen from friends. They bring out the high end sounds I have dropped as I got older very nicely, they do make quite a difference once you get them adjusted to your preference, I ended up using the open ear pieces, you hear your voice better and it sounds more natural. You lose sound quality if you stream music via Bluetooth with them but I don't intend to do that, the fidelity is limited, as you might guess. So far so good.
Terry E.
Verified Buyer
My first hearing aid
There are my very first hearing aids so I was skeptical. Put them on and WOW! I heard things I didn't know was there. Will still take time to get used to them as they are a little large for my ears. And have learned that in some situations I just need to wear one.
Jon W.
Verified Buyer
Packs a punch
This is a pretty great little product. I have some hearing issues especially when watching Tv. I have used them since I received them and they have helped so much. Whenever someone is mumbling or whispering I couldn’t here it. Now I can. Haven’t tried them out in a noisy place yet but they are working great for what I need!! Definitely allows my husband to watch Tv without blasting the sound. Thank you for a good quality inexpensive alternative to 10 thousand dollar hearing aids!! I’m sure I’ll need them at some point but not for a while!!!
Linda Q.
Verified Buyer
Catching up on some hearing
I've had partial deafness in one ear since childhood, but never did anything about it. My wife noticed my hearing was getting worse, while I was denial. We saw the positive reviews, along with the complaints, and decided to give them a try. I've definitely lost $100 on worse. The difference it made was unbelievable. I hadn't realized how much I don't hear. I've seen some complaints about squealing, but I've only experienced it if adjusting the volume while they are in-ear and I hit the microphone hole.
My mom cried
Verified Buyer
You are the best
I honestly did not know anything about hearing aids, but I know that my mom needed one desperately. She is 80 and she cannot understand anything. Especially her tv or people in a crowd. I started off with these because of the reviews, but I was still afraid she would hate them and want me to send them back. We worked with the modes and volume and ear pieces for a bit, but when we found the right combo, she cried....then I cried. I knew she would not research and buy them on her own. Thank you for giving my mom the ability to hear again!!!
Carol R.
Verified Buyer
Work Great
I bought the hearing aids for my husband. He has a pair that we paid several thousand of dollars for but he would never wear them. We were always going back and having them adjusted. He lost one of them and didn't want to have it replaced. When the kids came over he couldn't hear what they were saying so I decided to try these. They work great. Our son talks very low and my husband can hear everything he says. I would recommend to others.
Joseph R.
Verified Buyer
I blasted my ears for more than 20 years as a rock & roll bassist. I'm now 70 and often can't quite make out what folks are saying unless they speak above a normal conversational volume. Same thing with TV/radio/'s gotta be cranked up a couple extra notches for me. Some frequencies are less subdued than others, but it all adds up to what I'd call moderate-to-profound hearing loss. I tried out a pair of $5,000 hearing aids several years ago, but the audiologist who programmed them overemphasized the "missing" frequencies and everything sounded horribly screechy and tinny. Maybe I'd have liked them more after a tweak or two, maybe not. Anyway, I thought the price was way too high for the result obtained. I'm very impressed with HALO. The build quality seems quite robust. Their frequency output range may be a calculated "sweet spot", possibly covering the most commonly affected range. Carefully follow the instructions and especially get acquainted with the "Mode" button on each, which really helps to suppress background noise. Also, experiment with the volume. I run mine at about 1 for the right ear and 1½ for the left. I suggest trying them at low volume first. Be sure to select the correct "dome" for your ear canal and, to help avoid the squealing feedback others report, don't power them on until they're fully inserted and mounted. Lastly, pay attention to the charging/discharging notes. Mine hold a charge for 4-5 days, using them for 3-6 hours per day. I honestly believe that most folks don't need anything more sophisticated and you just can't beat these for the price.
Joni C.
Verified Buyer
Well worth the money.
I bought these for my husband as a test run, i.e. to get a feel for the wearing and what's involved in a hearing aid. We thought it worth the money to test drive before going to a $$$$. Out of the box, he's pleased and thinks they're pretty neat. He has a very moderate hearing loss and he says he can hear very well. Already told me to turn down tv. These may be it.
Brooke D.
Verified Buyer
I can hear again ...
My ENT doctor said I needed hearing aids due to hearing loss in both ears. "Clincal" hearing aids are too much for my pocket book at the moment. I spent several months researching the different hearing aid / amplifier devices and settled on these. They arrived much sooner than I had expected and were very well packaged. They were fully charged. I was able to easily adjust the volume and mode for my current surroundings.There is not a lot of that background noise that you get with most pairs. I can now hear the TV without having it all the way up and I can now have a real conversation with my husband and understand what he is saying (yesterday evening was the first time in months we hadn't argued over what I though he had said!)