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273 reviews

Our HALO i3 Digital Hearing Aid is small yet powerful and will provide you with a simple and effective way to hear better and more clearly, and every Halo i3 Digital Hearing Aid comes with both left and right micro tubes, making them easily interchangeable between left and right ears.

HALO i3 Highlights

✔️ Powerful Chip Technology Designed in the USA

✔️ Nearly Invisible, Extremely Discreet (fits even if you have glasses)

✔️ Background Noise Cancelling Technology

✔️ Extremely Easy To Use, Super Comfortable

✔️ 2 Directional Microphones Per Device (most hearing aids only have 1)

✔️ 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee

There are different levels to customize your hearing experience for the setting. Please test various modes and you’ll get used to the settings.

Level 1 - best in a quiet environment (like at home) for calm conversation

Level 2 - best in noisy places (like a restaurant) for conversation with people near you

Level 3 - best for a moderately loud environment (like driving on the highway) for basic noise reduction

Level 4 - best for a very noisy, loud place for maximum noise reduction

HALO customers tell us it’s pretty easy to keep the hearing aid operating at it’s peak, just like new. Just some simple cleaning can keep things humming along.

Give your device a simple wipe down to clear out and debris

Clean the HALO tubes occasionally (once per month or so). Remove the earbud and insert the thin end of the cleaning brush into the tube to remove any soil or debris from the tube. Note: for optimum performance, replace the tube and earbud every three to six months. 

Give the microphone a cleaning by brushing it to remove any lint or particles from the openings.

Based on 273 reviews
Geoff L.
Verified Buyer
Checks all the boxes
These are incredibly powerful and the noise reduction is wonderful. This is the first pair that I have had that have noise reduction. Great fit, very comfortable. I can't thank you enough!
Russell B.
Verified Buyer
Already told friends
Haven’t had them long enough but I’m still giving them a five. Still getting used to them, and adjusting to not saying ”what?” all the time. I've already recommended them to friends with hearing problems. It has got to be one of the best hearing aids on the market at any price.
Rosie G.
Verified Buyer
Received these today.
Only took about 10 minutes to find the best ear dome and volume/mode settings for me. Now I can lower the TV volume and hear what my wife says from across the room. Great value, just what I needed. I also find them very comfortable, even with my glasses on. Should have bought them sooner. But what can you do. Live and learn.
Donny With Love
Verified Buyer
What a godsend and a winner!
When I saw this product I was wary. I was looking for my 91-year-old mother who has age related hearing loss in her right ear. She didn't want it. I ordered it anyway thinking it might help before we went to the audiologist and paid $4,000+ for hearing aids. It arrived earlier than I expected, well packaged and in its own nice case. It felt extremely solid and well made.
Byron C.
Verified Buyer
Very good and easy to use.
I purchased one of these for my mother. Her hearing aids were lost during a stay in a hospital one year ago. I tried three different hearing aids and her hearing had been terrible. I purchased this one as one last hope to avoid spending lots of money for new hearing aids from a clinic (which I don’t know how i’ll get her to actually go anyway). Her original hearing aids didn't help her much and I was reluctant to spend so much on such small hope. I was at the end of my rope when I ordered this, but since it arrived, I have had some of my best conversations with my mother in the last 3 to 4 years. I am very satisfied with this product
Christine H.
Verified Buyer
Wow this is unbelievable
Oh my God! This is unbelievable!. I can hear again! This fit the bill perfectly. I have a 50-60%hearing loss in my left ear and can't really afford the crazy cost of a hearing aid. I bought this on a whim not expecting magic. What a pleasant surprise this is the real deal and works fantastic! I honestly didn't realize how much sound I had been missing. It was a little frightening at first lol (kept asking my girlfriend "what was that?" as opposed to the usual "What did you say?" Not to mention it blends in with my hair covering behind the ear. I really want to try their new in-ear bud one when it’s out. If you are looking for a boost in sound look no further this is no toy and worth every penny and then some. The only downside I found was that now I know how thin my apartment walls are! Lol
Sarah B.
Verified Buyer
I can hear my TV again
I am 62 years old have been diagnosed as having a mild hearing impediment and find the tone of the voices especially on the TV can be bothersome for me. I am not quite ready for hearing aids yet but I did need something to make watching a movie or TV more enjoyable. I read all the reviews for Halos and decided to take a chance. I am so glad that I did. It makes the words so much clearer to me now. It does not sound like I have cotton in my ears anymore when watching TV. I can hear what they are saying very clearly now. No more asking ' what did they say"? to my hubby. I don't have it on the highest setting either. You can adjust it to your personal preferences.This amazing little apparatus has made all the difference in the world for me. Since I only watch TV for a couple hours at the most in the evening I imagine this battery should last me quite a while. I highly recommend this item.
Charles U.
Verified Buyer
Works great
I work in a bank with bullet proof glass, everything echoes, and you can’t hear well thru the glass, along with severe ringing in my right ear. this hearing aid is amazing. It does not make background noise louder; it does actually cancel out a lot of the ringing in my ear. I have suffered with this ringing for 30 years from using the weapons in the USMC. Really bad. I only needed it for the right ear, and now I can listen to more than 1 person speaking at a time, something I could not do before because of the severe ringing. I just wish I had gotten this years ago. If you have ringing in 1 ear give this aide a try. It has been a blessing for me. Like I said it actually calms the ringing!
Donny With Love
Dr. James R.
I am a physician who recently purchased this product for my 87-year older grandmother whose hearing has declined rapidly over the last year. My grandmother had attempted use of hearing aids in the past though was unwilling to use them due to discomfort and "not wanting to look old"(yes, she is a spitfire). As a completely healthy and active centenarian, her only medical issue has been presbycusis, age related hearing loss. Not only has her inability to participate in conversations been frustrating, but the volume level on the TV has been equally disturbing for any visitors stopping by to see her. After connecting the system and giving it a test run, I stood with my back turned approximately 20-30ft away from her and whispered questions. Amazingly, she heard every word I said and was able to answer questions and hear EVERYTHING without difficulty. The TV volume level has finally returned to normal at home, thankfully. I am so pleased with this product, I would hands down recommend this product for anyone who needs assistance with hearing. It's comfortable, mobile, and serves it purpose without complexity at a low cost.
Gerry B.
Verified Buyer
What I’ve been looking for
These headphones are awesome! I’ve tried so many different products in my quest to watch a movie and actually hear and understand the dialog. I am pleased to say I just watched a movie and didn’t miss one word! It’s a miracle. I’m almost deaf in my left ear and have hearing loss in my right ear. There was no feedback. When I walked in another room the sound was clear and consistent. And the volume on the TV it’s self was at a normal level. I feel like I’m back in the human race TV wise.
Danny A.
Verified Buyer
This product is amazing!
This hearing aid has been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. My mother had a stroke with sudden hearing loss. She doesn’t read lips or sign. I’ve bought a few different devices to help her but this one is far superior and well worth the price. Her speech has improved because she hears herself better. She actually has to tell me to quit talking so loud. it’s been very helpful because she can understand people even wearing a mask. I’m actually purchasing another one so she can have one always available.
Helen T.
Verified Buyer
Incredible for hearing loss
I suffer from hearing loss which often leaves me struggling to understand what people are saying. I experience my hearing issue in many places from a small meeting room, to a restaurant, to church. HALO has helped me in each of those environments! I especially find the ability to adjust bass/treble helpful as my hearing loss is worse with mid-range sounds. Anyone with hearing loss understands the stress and frustration that comes from it. This device works so well for me, that I can relax and feel confident that I'll be able to hear in any situation (unlike my very expensive hearing aids). I highly recommend this to others looking for a hearing solution!
Carol K.
Verified Buyer
thanks for this blessing
For people who need amplification across the entire range of speech and/or cannot use hearing aids, this device is a blessing. My aunt used it for years before she died at 100 and it changed her relationship with everyone--friends, family, aides, doctors, nurses, bankers, librarians. It is simple to use and easy to take to appointments. I was surprised to have found a perfectly working aid.
Ben L.
Verified Buyer
a great discovery
My 92-year-old uncle was in the hospital and his hearing aids were basically useless. (Without hearing aids, you have to speak very very loud for him to hear you.) One of the nurses told me about this device and said they had one on the floor, if he wanted to try it. They had an older model, but it worked great and was pretty much life-changing for him. Everyone could talk into the microphone and a normal voice and he didn't miss a word. This is the newest model which I purchased a few weeks ago for him and it's working great.